, Roberdeau scaled map of Dealey Plaza. Dealey Plaza is located in Downtown Dallas and was the site where John F. Kennedy. Fly over Dealey Plaza on this great website of the Dallas City Hall by clicking here Map and info about Dealey Plaza, nearby tourist attractions, museums and oddball landmarks. Dealey Plaza ( ), in the historic West End district of downtown Dallas, Texas (U.S.), is the location of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Map 10 THE PARTICIPANT’S LOCATION IN DEALEY PLAZA 11/22/63. Because AOL recently ceased its FTP service, within my public President KENNEDY assassination visual file, newly re-located for you, her. Find hotels near Dallas, TX. Where JFK was assasinated. The diagram, drawn on a map of Dealey Plaza, shows the path a fragment from the head shot would have to have taken to hit Tague., Bronson photo #5 of the eastern

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